Countless hours were spent learning to capture a pets spirit and personality while taking pictures of our own dogs. During this time we also discovered that there didn’t seem to be many opportunities to obtain candid professional photographs of pet parents interacting with their pets.

Thus an idea was born. Focus on taking professional shots outside of the studio of pets and/or pet lovers. By traveling to where your pet is comfortable much of the stress of a photo session can be minimized and the true spirit and personality of a pet can be captured in a photograph.

Please contact us if you are looking for a private photo session. We also photograph many people and their pets at various pet friendly events that we attend. Our business has been developed to allow pet lovers to purchase only those photos and photo products that they love. Therefore, if you’re attending an event that we are also at, please check out our photo gallery for that event to see if we caught that special moment for you and your pet.